Vertex Training Cloud (VTC)

The importance of actionable proficiency in construction standards for wireless infrastructure projects cannot be overstated. From public and contractor safety to connectivity protection, to local government regulation compliance and defined policies for documentation processes, the standards of wireless carriers must be abided by for quality assurance in every aspect of a project. Unfortunately, these standards are lengthy, and can be dry to read. The challenge therein lies with having employees and contracted personnel read 25 to 50 of these documents – some that are more than 100 pages long- and achieve a strong familiarity with the content.

To resolve this issue, Vertex has taken the network standards for today’s top wireless carriers and built a robust and effective Learning Management System (LMS) for the education of telecommunications construction, project management and engineering personnel.  The Vertex Training Cloud is the only LMS of its kind.

Our experience has instilled in us a proactive nature to achieve high levels of quality in service and project execution for our carrier partners. Therefore, we recommend that all active team members of carrier field personnel enroll in this unique cloud-based training program. 

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