Rapidly evolving technologies have significantly changed the way wireless carriers deploy network infrastructure, as well as daily corporate goals. As innovations in telecom continue to emerge, the businesses who do not adhere to quality standards for projects risk costly disruptions that could compromise their networks.

Vertex Innovations’ team of knowledgeable and experienced infrastructure experts manage the interconnect field operations for wireless carriers that are building cell sites, making the switch to dark fiber, modifying antennas, installing generators, implementing DAS, and much more.

Our interconnect services hold contractors accountable to deliver safe, protected physical links throughout carrier networks to ensure wireless service is never jeopardized, and all budgets, schedules and standards are adhered to.

Project Types

  • Transport
  • Granite/Xing Database
  • Field & Switch
  • RF
  • Fixed Network
  • Fiber
  • Data Centers
  • New Build / Build Plan
  • Small Cell
  • Cell Site Modification

Fragmented Processes?

Do you currently have or are planning to launch an interconnect project with multiple software tools, mis-matched practices and a convoluted approval workflow? We can help. Our interconnect project managers will combine their talent, experience and powerful toolkit to streamline your processes and improve project outcomes.

Case Study

Transport Fiber Delivery

By combining experienced project management and innovative technologies, Vertex increased productivity in the interconnect process by 25% and facilitating more completed site builds than ever recorded for the region in one calendar year.