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Granite + XNG Database Services

When your company is overwhelmed with the management of specific database services, Vertex has industry expert engineers at the ready.

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What are Granite + XNG Database Services?

The XNG Database is the telecommunication industry’s out-of-the-box relational database. XNG is used by many telecommunication companies— including some of Vertex Innovations’ biggest customers—for planning, designing, documenting, rearranging, maintenance and provisioning of their telecommunication networks.

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The Holistic Benefits of Partnering with Vertex

Eliminate Capacity Constraints With our scalable staffing solutions and capabilities, you’ll be ready to adjust to any changes that come your way. Cross out worrying about your staffing capabilities when you partner with us.
The Humanity Behind the Technology Discover partnerships that go beyond technology implementations. We help eliminate stress and build trust with your teams to foster success and deliver measurable results.
Lay the Foundation of a Successful Venture Without a solid foundation, most efforts are bound to crumble. We establish best practices and action plans from the first touch to create a strong foundation for your implementation project.

Features of Granite + XNG Database Services

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Vertex hit a record number of new builds for our region and did so without compromise. The sites are all in compliance with our standards and were turned up within a preferable timeframe. Their integration of innovative software tools, Vertex-Procore and Smartsheet, was of benefit to the entire project. Productivity, visibility and accountability were enhanced for all parties involved.

Program Manager | Verizon Wireless

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