Case Study: Transport Fiber Delivery


Active Listening

A major wireless carrier assigned the Transport division of one region with the task of executing all new cell site builds in 2015 for that region. Understanding the highly competitive market, Transport did not take this responsibility lightly.

They immediately began searching for an Interconnect partner who would give their projects a strategic advantage. Specifically, Transport wanted a partner who would complete the fiber delivery phase of each new site ahead of deadlines, leaving breathing room in the schedule and budgets for possible change orders.


Proactive Change

Having witnessed Vertex Innovations’ effective Interconnect governance first-hand, Transport recruited Vertex to oversee fiber delivery once the construction process began. Vertex provided full-phase management, from bringing in telco to sending out bid notices and awarding sites.

Vertex Innovations successfully delivered the fiber to all sites by keeping all parties up-to-date on:

  • Contract execution
  • Circuit installation
  • Delivery milestones
  • Required standards and procedures
  • Understanding the meet points
  • “Room-ready” determination and turn up


Typically, deadlines are determined by RF ranking, however new builds are subject to constant change, pending lease agreements, fickle landlords and manufacturing delays. The goal for this region was to have all fiber delivered and turned up with 6-8 months. 


Never Losing Momentum

Vertex Innovations has the ability to maintain focus while remaining agile and flexible for all the moving parts of a project.

During the following challenges,Vertex did not lose pace of progress:

  • Significant shifts in client’s organizational structure
  • Limited information
  • Overextension of vendor capacity

As a result, Transport reported the most complete site builds in that region ever recorded for a calendar year.

Additionally, Vertex incorporated technology tools to enhance process efficiencies and hold vendors and team members accountable:

  • Custom SaaS: Vertex-Procore PO workflow for streamlined submission and tracking
  • In-house tools: Real-time collaboration in Smartsheet

These tools complemented Vertex’s service in this region by:

  • Enhancing visibility with time-stamped status updates
  • Automating notifications
  • Facilitating live data sharing and reliable reporting
  • Increasing productivity over 25%
  • One manager alone reported a savings of 3-4 hours per day


“Vertex hit a record number of new builds for our region in 2015, and did so without compromise. The sites are all in compliance with our standards and were turned up within a preferable timeframe. Their integration of innovative software tools, Vertex-Procore and Smartsheet, was of benefit to the entire project. Productivity, visibility and accountability were enhanced for all parties involved.”


Vertex Innovations

More Than Fiber Delivery

Vertex Innovations' Interconnect services cover the entire spectrum of infrastructure projects, including Granite/Xing database maintenance to small cell and C-RAN vendor management. To learn how you can reap the same benefits as our client in this case study, complete this form.

As Mentioned In This Case Study

The customized workflow built within Vertex-Procore referenced in this case study was a specifically designed Purchase Order tool. Other popular workflows customized by Vertex clients include Document Review and Maintenance. Do you have a process that needs to be streamlined? Check out this page and learn how Vertex-Procore can help.