Case Study: MSC Expansion

Stunted Growth

The mobile switch center (MSC) of the carrier’s Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia region was severely inadequate. The existing MSC had limited DC distribution, limited HVAC, no N+1 generator system, no Portable tap-boxes, and no N+1 HVAC systems. With these deficiencies, there was no room to expand within the existing facility.

Fix for the Future

The carrier brought on Vertex Innovations to correct the deficiencies in the existing building and to oversee the implementation of a 25,564 sq. ft., 2-story building expansion.

Vertex Innovations staff worked with general contractor to:

  • Stay on schedule
  • Meet budget
  • Provide oversight of building equipment installation
  • Meet with special inspectors
  • Assist with the commissioning process
  • Conduct site walks with architects and engineers
  • Assist contractor with close out process
  • Review and comment on RFI’s, submittals, change orders and pay apps


The cold and wet winter weather conditions posed major risks of delay. Fortunately, the project was supported by Vertex’s skilled wireless construction directors and customized workflows within Vertex-Procore. While Vertex team members kept personnel accountable and productive, Vertex-Procore created seamless job tracking and sharing of photo documentation. Additionally, Vertex created an accountability log that tracked all delays caused by weather or contractors with live data.


A Stronger Foundation

The total amount of Change Orders for this project are the lowest of any other project completed in this region.

Additional benefits include:

  • Upgrades to the existing facility complied with the most recent carrier standards.
  • Expansion equipped the client with the ability to scale and accommodate growth.
  • Increased reliability with N+1 generators, Tap Boxes N+1 HVAC, and added DC distribution.

Most importantly, the client deems this a successful project because:

  • It was completed on schedule.
  • There were no cost overruns.
  • There was no shortages in quality.



“Vertex-Procore assisted greatly with project coordination, submittals and design review. It improved communication and provided a one-stop-shop for document management and retrieval.

The Vertex team was tremendous. They stand up for us, and they hold all parties accountable. With their vast knowledge of construction based on past experience, and their expertise in our standards, I want to have them on every project!”


What else can our Owner's Reps do?

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As Mentioned In This Case Study

Our construction management system tailored for wireless infrastructure projects, Vertex-Procore, held all parties accountable and facilitated never-before-seen productivity for the client in this case study. However, the software is only a tool. One must know how to use it correctly. That is why we offer unparalleled customer support for all Vertex-Procore users.