Case Study: Dark Fiber Deployment

A Need for Guidance

The Transport division of a leading U.S. wireless carrier was given responsibility of dark fiber installation in the carrier’s Utah market to increase capacity and coverage for customers. This team’s lack of knowledge and experience in construction created a major roadblock in between the design and the deployment processes of this program. The stand-alone bandwidth was bogging down sites, and there were not standards to refer to for implementing the required modifications.

Call on the Experts

The carrier brought on Vertex Innovations to build the scope of work, coordinate with the fiber vendor and build a fiber backhaul network to provide redundancy in the cell site system, ring-by-ring.

In addition to providing standards, policies and schedule, Vertex Innovations staff also:

  • Maintained consistent, clear communication with all parties
  • Determined pre-existing infrastructure
  • Facilitated negotiations with carrier and property owner
  • Managed landlord participation, provide scope of work and educate
  • Ensured all construction procedures were in compliance with carrier standards
  • Monitored and measured deliverables
  • Kept all projects of the program on schedule
  • Mitigated the risk of any potential service interruptions


A reoccurring obstacle throughout this program was landlord discordance. At several project sites, the landlord was resistant to construction, often due to unfamiliarity with the process and a desire for additional compensation.

Fortunately, Vertex personnel excelled at providing detailed program and project information, construction documents and education on the process itself, to reassure the landlords of minimal impact to their properties.

Vertex also utilized Smartsheet to track the program with timely, accurate data in twice-per-week updates that were auto-distributed to all parties.

Experience Proven

The Transport division was able to utilize archetypes, workflows, policies and standards supplied by Vertex Innovations from successful experience, and as a result saved time and avoided headaches by cutting out discovery phases, preparing for common issues, mitigating risks and the need for change orders.

Additional benefits include:

  • Frequent reporting with dependable, actionable data
  • Amicable relationships with landlords at project sites
  • Contractors did not exceed their estimates

“We chose Vertex because of their proven track record in wireless construction. With their knowledge and expertise, they were able to keep pressure on our vendors, maintain consistency at each project, and get our cell sites dark fiber ready in an efficient manner.

They established and upheld strong communication practices with my team, keeping us abreast of any possible delays or issues. Overall, we just sincerely appreciate how Vertex stays on top of the project to get it done well and get it done quickly.”


Vertex Innovations

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As Mentioned In This Case Study

The expertise in standards, policies and procedures mentioned in this case study can be hard to come by, and even more difficult to implement within a company. We train our employees and client personnel on industry standards and carrier-specific policies in the Vertex Training Cloud (VTC). To learn more about VTC, review this page.