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February 14, 2022

Your Source For All Things 5G: The 5G Guys

It all started in the early 2000s

Dan McVaugh and Wayne Smith were two guys working on a company engagement and learned that they shared a special interest — wireless telecommunications.

After realizing they had more in common than where they worked, they began a partnership that would carry out through the years, and perhaps unexpectedly, through the growth of wireless telecommunications. They began both a professional partnership as well as a friendship that spanned the evolution of 1G to today's 5G.

McVaugh has been more of a technical engineer throughout his career, whereas Smith is more involved in construction and implementation. When it comes to problem-solving, their unique skillsets complement each other well. McVaugh is the analyst and Smith is the go-to for project execution. When combining their networks and knowledge, 1 + 1 doesn't equal 2, but instead, 4.

So, why a podcast?

Both McVaugh and Smith are entrepreneurs with a passion for mentorship and teaching. With their combined 50+ years in the industry and their own knowledge gained from mentors, they were ready to share their expertise with the world. With the rise in popularity of podcasts, they knew they didn't want to limit themselves to just writing books, as they are self-proclaimed better talkers than writers. This is their way of paying it forward and making the industry a better, more knowledgeable place.

Even with their years of experience and crafted expertise, they're careful to not call themselves experts. McVaugh says, "Be careful of who says they're an expert since the industry is so vast. Our [podcast] guests fill in those gaps."

A learning experience for all

According to McVaugh and Smith, with new topics and new guests, they aren't just teaching, but also learning alongside listeners. Smith says their biggest a-ha moment was the realization that they didn't know what they didn't know. They both agree that humility and honesty play a role in their podcast. McVaugh says, "When you do a podcast, you have to be honest with yourself if you know what you think you know."

Their approach to teaching about wireless telecommunications is to take a very complicated topic and try to take edges off to make it more approachable and accessible for those not “in” the industry. Now that wireless touches everything, more people need to know about it. They're very diligent about not using jargon. They both agree that it’s harder than they thought it would be, but also find it fulfilling when they make it simple and digestible.

What does the future hold?

Both McVaugh and Smith agree that the podcast isn’t the end goal, but rather a tool for something bigger. They intend to expand their reach with folks that can benefit from wireless in their ecosystem. Instead of the one-way approach to learning that podcasts provide, they want to engage with their audience.

McVaugh says, "While we’re not the biggest out there, we get excited about one or two engagements outside of the podcast. That’s our goal and those engagements are very fulfilling." In the end, they intend to educate the public about the benefits and intricacies of wireless telecommunications — something once inaccessible to those outside of the industry.

Interested in learning more?

Ready to learn more about the 5G guys or wireless telecommunications? Check out the podcast or reach out through their site today!

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