November 17, 2015 | by Wayne Smith

Vertex News: Project Management Excellence Training for Wireless Carriers

Vertex Innovations Inc., a pioneer in construction project management for the wireless industry, is providing Project Management Excellence (PME) training to teams of telecommunications engineers through an on-the-ground workshop tour across the country.

The full U.S. tour will train leaders of a premier national wireless carrier in 24 PME in-person workshops scheduled by regional phases.

Phase I of the tour will begin in Wayne, New Jersey on Tuesday, December 1, 2015 and will proceed throughout New Jersey, New York, Maryland and Massachusetts.

The PME tour objective is to provide carrier field personnel with the tools necessary to support successful project management, provide up-to-date examples of the proper standard compliance, improve overall methods and procedures, and identify shortcomings.

Each training workshop will cover reasons for success and failure, the four phase project model, scheduling best practices, vendor vetting, proven RFP procedures, and much more.

“Unfortunately, project management training is too often overlooked and rarely credited when excellence is achieved.” said Wayne Smith, president of Vertex Innovations. “We are proud to support our carrier partners and the industry as a whole in this exciting initiative.”