February 22, 2016 | by Wayne Smith

Vertex Launches National Service Week

Vertex Innovations, Inc., a pioneer in construction project management for the wireless telecommunications industry, is launching its first-ever nationwide employee volunteer program, Vertex Innovations National Service Week, with a focus on hunger in America.

Vertex Innovations was established in 2003 to provide performance-based services, training and software-as-a-service (SaaS) to wireless carriers. Today, Vertex team members set the standard for construction projects in the telecom industry across 17 states, 4 time zones and around-the-clock shifts.

A common thread that ties all employees together is individual philanthropy- From building homes in Mexico to volunteering at State Parks and everything in-between.

During the week of February 22-26, Vertex Innovations team members across the U.S. will spend ½ day volunteering at their local food banks, sorting, packing and stacking food donations. In addition to the physical act of service, Vertex believes that raising awareness about the issue of hunger in America is another critical element to giving back. Therefore, employees are encouraged to post photos to social media with the #VertexGivesBack hashtag to share the message with family and friends.

“The men and women of this company are an inspiration and live their lives with intent to make a positive impact,” said Erica Smith, owner and executive director of charitable contributions at Vertex Innovations. “With 1 in 8 Americans relying on food banks to eat, I’d say our work is cut out for us.”

Volunteers are an essential piece of Feeding America’s mission. According to Kevin Seggelke, president & CEO of Food Bank of the Rockies, “We couldn’t feed the hungry families we do without their effort!”

Over the holiday season, Vertex announced exponential growth and flourishing corporate culture with health and eco-centric initiatives like standing desks and office bicycles. As the revenue numbers were on the humble side (55% revenue growth forecasted, 72% realized), the work-life balance also continues to expand, including the new National Service Week.

“As a service provider, we provide superior project management for wireless carriers. As corporate citizens, we take care of our neighbors,” added Smith. “Feeding America is allowing us to achieve that in one, unified effort on a national scale.”

Vertex employees based in Littleton, Colorado will be volunteering as a group on Thursday, February 25 at the Food Bank of the Rockies from 9:00am to 12:00pm MST.

Seggelke added: “We are grateful to Vertex for including us in their National Service Week and bringing their team to help us fight hunger and feed hope.”