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September 16, 2019

Vertex Delivers Wireless Connectivity to San Francisco’s Chase Center



As the new home of the Golden State Warriors, the Chase Center will host thousands of excited fans every season. However, hosting a championship basketball team is just part of what this state-of-the-art venue provides. The Center also boasts 100,000 sq ft of retail space, 580,000 sq ft of office and lab space, plus 3.2 acres of plaza and public space to provide the Bay Area community with culinary masterpieces, boutique shopping experiences, and family-friendly play. 

The Challenge

To ensure that every attendee of every event has the connectivity needed to post, stream, and chat from anywhere on the grounds regardless of their service provider, the Chase Center team required a connectivity solution that allowed each carrier to install antennas but still limited the amount of real estate dedicated to hardware and equipment.

A project of this size has many moving parts, including multiple vendors, permitting and certification requirements, and of course, the owner and their team. Creating a cohesive result that best serves the fans and Chase Center attendees requires an oversight expert to coordinate and advise on all aspects of the project. 


The Chase Center team is intimately familiar with the needs and expectations of their fans and attendees. The team works diligently to deliver the best possible experience. However, the challenge comes in translating those experiential needs into technical requirements. 

Without a wireless construction expert on the team, it is difficult, if not impossible, to accurately assess the quoting and project planning of hired vendors and develop meaningful RFPs.

The Solution

Vertex collaborated with the Chase Center team to develop and implement a neutral host distributed antenna system (NH DAS). This solution allows the Chase Center to house a single, carrier-agnostic (neutral) head-end equipment solution that supports the needs of multiple carrier antennas to ensure the best connectivity for every fan.


Vertex worked with the primary project vendors, Qualcomm and CTS to coordinate site walks, facilitate design reviews, lead conference calls, and ensure that every design decision supported the needs of Chase Center attendees. An on-site Vertex NH DAS expert served as the central point of communication and accountability throughout the project to minimize schedule delays and ensure seamless information sharing.

To ensure a successful result, Vertex facilitated every phase of project completion, from concept to RFP selection to engineering, implementation, and optimization delivering optimal connectivity to the Chase Center's 100,000 sq ft of retail space, 580,000 sq ft of office and lab space, plus 3.2 acres of plaza and public space. 

The Results

Through vigilant oversight, risk mitigation, and experience-based vendor recommendations, final network optimizations completed on time and fans attending the first event at the brand new Chase Center experienced uncompromised connectivity.

As JPMorgan Chase Chairman and CEO, Jamie Dimon states, “The Bay Area is a beacon for technology, innovation, and education and we expect that Chase Center will become a beacon of great art, culture, sports and entertainment for this great community." Vertex is proud to have successfully supported this project and to have played a role in bringing this innovative destination to the community of San Francisco.

Data Points

  • Delivered completed project on-time for the first event
  • Provided experience-driven vendor recommendations
  • On-site NH DAS expert ensured a cohesive project

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