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Dark Fiber: Nebulous Fiber Network

We have noticed a lot of puzzled faces recently when a project being discussed is a “dark fiber” project. Throughout the years, Vertex Innovations has managed thousands of communications projects ...

What is the Granite/XNG Database?

The XNG Database is an out of the box relational database currently owned by Ericsson.


Rise of the Micro Data Center

A traditional data center usually involves a large facility filled with a huge number of networked computer servers, all working together to allow organizations to store, process and distribute ...

Innovating on the Edge: Re-Evaluating Transportation in Telecom

Vertex Innovations has been overseeing the construction of some of the largest and most complex wireless infrastructure programs in the United States since 2003, and the company has just announced ...

Spidercloud Tips From an Insider

In-building coverage is a concern for all providers, and, historically, the solutions have been repeaters, small cells, and fully deployed DAS systems. Each has its own benefits, but each has its ...

Construction Close-out: Timing is Everything

The project close-out phase continues to be challenging for many project owners, managers and stakeholders. At the heart of this problem is the fact that many project managers view the execution and ...

G - The Future of Our Cellular Nation

In the newest edition release of Cellular Nation: Smartphones, the Internet of Things, and You, author Nick Vulich explores the shifting of our culture of internet on-the-go by diving into AR, VR, ...

Denver Entrepreneur Leads Racing Team to Compete in 49th Annual SCORE Baja 1000 with Support of Like-Minded Vertex Innovations

To watch the video click here

5 Scariest Dark Fiber Deployment Mistakes

Dark fiber is known to provide bandwidth scalability, flexibility, security, and of course network control. At Vertex, we are seeing a rise in dark fiber projects for our partners who need help ...

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