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February 16, 2022

2021 Telecommunications Reflection

What a Year it Has Been

As we enter into 2022, it's integral to reflect upon a transformative and trend-filled 2021 to stay at the top of the telecommunication industry trends. Mostly driven by the continuation of remote work, an ever-growing demand for top speed and a shift to AI-based tech, 2021 was full of developments that shook the market. In this article, we will be covering 2021's biggest telecommunication industry trends and what they meant for telecommunication users and professionals alike.

Key Developments and Telecommunication Industry Trends


The growth in demand for high-speed connection and productivity has driven incredible developments in 5G technology. These days, people want secure, stable and fast mobile connections from wherever they are. With increased 5G implementation, both personal and industrial needs were met. It's time to get comfortable with these advancements as 5G is here to stay.

Don't just take it from us either. Our friends, The 5G Guys, have released an episode reflecting on the specifics of 5G and telecommunication industry trends in 2021. Listen to it here.


AI was leveraged to create a custom user experience without the typical staffing necessary to provide such service. From chatbots to AI-based analytics, AI has become a staple of the telecommunication industry.

In 2022, we anticipate a focus on cybersecurity as it pertains to AI-run services. We also anticipate a pivot from reactive AI services to proactive AI services, like data loss prevention and going through data in search of potential bugs.

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) changed the game this year with its unparalleled visibility and insight for telecommunication providers. IoT enables telecommunication providers to ensure smooth connectivity among all bases remotely. As remote culture grew in 2021, so did the need for reliable IoT devices and processes.

Cloud Computing

With the continuation of remote-work dependencies, companies shifted to cloud-based storage and computing in droves. From Google Drive to Dropbox, cloud-based technology is now a telecommunication industry staple.

Similar to our AI 2022 outlook, the growth of cloud computing will need to align with growth in cybersecurity initiatives. However, there is no need for concern as 5G and IoT development enables more security and the ability to detect potential security weaknesses ahead of time.

What About Vertex?

2021 brought a lot of change for many, and we definitely weren't left out. In 2021, we:

  • Saw significant YOY growth with our current client base
  • Achieved an improved employee satisfaction rating that exceeds the industry average
  • Held first ever Vertex Women’s Retreat focused on work-life balance and development
  • Participated in Data Center World conference in Orlando, FL
  • Participated in major DAS deployment in a venue that is setting a new sustainability bar for the sports and events industry
  • Expanded into two new markets - Pacific Northwest and Central Gulf Coast
  • Oversaw 5000+ active projects
  • Had Teams working on 20 different Data Center projects (expansions, new builds and upgrades) throughout the U.S.
  • Hired 26 new employees
  • Experienced 0 safety issues

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What Does 2022 Hold?

In 2022, we anticipate continued telecommunication industry challenges between the telecommunication industry and regulations related to 5G, but predict that the proliferation of 5G won’t be stopped. This applies to aviation challenges, zoning, and more. Despite being faced with recent challenges from the Federal Aviation Administration, 5G continues to dominate telecommunication industry developments for the foreseeable future.

As far as our internal plans, we're driven to keep up with further market expansion within the wireless industry. In order to support this new growth, we're diving into client base diversification, expanding our headcount and enhancing our focus on apprenticeships, employee development and wellness.

We're ready for a year of enhanced connection — from human to cellular and everything in between. Follow along on our journey and see where 2022 takes us, together.

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