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Smart Cities, Data Centers

Data Centers are the Missing Link

Data centers are the unsung hero of the cloud revolution. Almost everything we access from our phones, tablets, and laptops in "the cloud" lives in a data center. Every time we back up our ...

Large Venue DAS, Case Study

US Bank Stadium Relies on Vertex to Deliver in Time for the Super Bowl

  Who The US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota proudly hosted Super Bowl LII in 2018. Preparing for such an event takes years of planning and strategic decision-making. From the early days ...

Skilled Worker Shortage, Recruitment Network

Why You Need a Recruitment Network

The increasing demand for wireless connectivity is leading the industry to 5G – which promises to bring lighting fast download speeds and reduce latency to almost nothing. What would this allow? 

Skilled Worker Shortage, Smart Cities

Training a Workforce for 5G

There is a tremendous opportunity for the telecommunications industry to capitalize on the onslaught of demand for connectivity. Whether delivered through existing 4G networks or through the small ...


Solve Poor Project Communication with a PMO

Where does communication intersect with continuous improvement? Often, it is when you discover that the reason projects are not finishing on time or running as smoothly as they could is because of ...

Skilled Worker Shortage

Preparing a Workforce to Implement 5G

The telecommunications industry is experiencing explosive growth. Never before has there been a greater demand for mobile data. Government, enterprises, municipalities, and consumers expect seamless ...

PMO, Skilled Worker Shortage, Center of Excellence

Prepare Now to Benefit from the Skilled Worker Shortage

There is a critical worker shortage that is threatening to cost enterprise businesses as much as $8.5 trillion in unrealized annual revenue. This ground-shaking number comes from a report recently ...


The Power of The PMO

In the wireless telecommunications construction industry, a Project Management Office (PMO) is the exception rather than the rule? Why? 


Super Bowl sized accomplishments for Vertex Innovations in Minnesota

When an estimated 1 million people descend in and around Minneapolis, MN for Super Bowl 52 in February, wireless network operators will wrap up years of network planning and investment in the market. ...

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