Network Construction Oversight

The Vertex team serves as the gatekeeper for the entire switch and data center construction process, from concept to completion, to equip your team with profitability, ROI, and continued sustainability.

We believe that there are no shortcuts for successful construction projects. We hold all parties accountable, communicate with stakeholders, and ensure your project gets completed in compliance with toughest quality standards.

Ensure Your Network Construction Project Reaches Successful Completion

Our Construction Oversight experts, Project Managers and Owner Representatives take over at any point in the telecom construction oversight process--from initial planning to labor implementation. The Vertex team creates a failsafe oversight plan that completes your construction project with safety procedures, work timelines, decision-making, and rigorous quality standards.

The end result: your businesses growth, financial success, and customer retention and satisfaction.

How Successful Network Construction Works

A client’s specific needs weigh heavily on services necessary to facilitate the successful completion of a project. Vertex designs and completes a job based on your project status, including…

  • Pre-design
  • Design development
  • Bidding and negotiation
  • Construction
  • Post-construction

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I like the challenge of services that we are providing to the customer.  This job is a good fit for my background and I truly enjoy working at Vertex. 

Ken Zimmerman, Owner's Representative