Construction Oversight

Vertex Innovations’ construction oversight services provide you with improved customer relations, increased profit gains, and the foundation for continued growth.
The Vertex team serves as the gatekeeper for the entire construction process. We hold all parties accountable, communicate with stakeholders, and ensure the project gets completed with the toughest quality standards.

See Our Construction Oversight in Action

We believe that there are no shortcuts for successful construction projects. Vertex delivers projects from concept to completion, using our own teams as well as other resources. Our owner representatives combine their abilities and available resources to plan, implement and integrate every aspect of recommended design.

Ensure Your Construction Project Reaches Successful Completion

Our specialists take over at any point in the construction oversight process--from initial planning to labor implementation. The Vertex team creates a failsafe oversight plan that completes your construction project with safety procedures, work timelines, decision-making, and rigorous quality standards.
The end result: your businesses growth, financial success, and customer retention and satisfaction.
Vertex performs construction oversight as the primary facilitator bringing together the architect, engineers, commissioning agents, owners, and the general contractors, and we collaborate with stakeholders to complete a successful project that sees full profitability, ROI, and continued sustainability.
During the construction oversight process, our team fully represents your business. Our construction specialists have a working knowledge of the industry’s best practices and network standards, and we ensure your customers and employees feel little-to-no impact from the project endeavor.

How Successful Construction Oversight Works

A client’s specific needs weigh heavily on services necessary to facilitate the successful completion of a project. Vertex designs and completes a job based on your project status, including…

Design development
Bidding and negotiation
Post construction

Pre-Design Phase

Before we begin the foundational work, we gather data and analyze obstacles. In the pre-design phase, we ensure your construction blueprint is the backbone of your successfully completed project with the following steps.

  • Project Administration sets the framework for your representation to stakeholders.
  • Program Plan Evaluation assesses construction milestones that must be completed to create sustainability.
  • Project Schedule Evaluation determines the deadlines that are set for minimal business interruptions.
  • Project Budget Evaluation factors in costs in relation to organizational objectives.
  • Evaluation of Owner Supplied Data implements crucial information into the planning process.
  • Existing Facility Survey that evaluates your current facility and determines the best practices for additional construction.
  • Establish Lines of Communication with Governing Authorities so everyone involved in the project understands and agrees to construction plans.
  • Establish Lines of Communication with User Groups so affected parties understand how the project benefits them.
  • Preparation of Architectural/Engineering Request for Qualifications that sets the foundation for the project to begin.  
  • Evaluation of Architectural/Engineering Statement of Qualifications that determines the best course of action in the development phase.
  • Contract Negotiations with the Selected Architectural Firm to ensure the best quality, ROI, and sustainability.

Design Development Phase

During the Design Development Phase, we use data to create a time- and budget-sensitive project that coincides with your vision of construction with the following steps.

  • Project Administration that oversees the design of your new construction and assures the project is completed successfully.
  • Programming / Design Meetings with various stakeholders, architects, and managers that detail how the project develops from the concept design.
  • Coordination of Owner and User Supplied Data that integrates customer and employee-specific information into the design.
  • Coordination of Architectural/Engineering Team who will be filled in on the timeline for your project and your company’s needs.
  • Design Document Review so all parties are kept abreast of developments as they happen.
  • Building Code Review that ensures your new construction coincides with safety standards.
  • Project Scheduling that creates a clearer picture of the construction timeline.
  • Statement of Probable Costs that estimates the investment, and sets firm criteria for staying inside the budget.
  • Value Engineering creates an endgame for construction oversight, ensuring that the design remains in sync with financial and personal goals.

Bidding and Negotiations Phase

During this phase, the Vertex construction oversight team negotiates your project with the investment cost in mind. We ensure your project will be completed to your standards within a specific time frame with the following steps.

  • Pre-qualify General Contractors who will perform quality work within the predetermined budget.
  • Coordination of Bidding Materials so that your business pays the lowest costs.
  • Evaluation of Alternates and Substitutions to determine whether or not a different course provides more solvent results.
  • Evaluation of Bids assesses your competing offers and weighs which one fits your goals and budget.
  • Construction Contract Agreements provide you with the necessary consensus on how and when your construction project is completed.

Construction Phase

This phase causes the most disruption for businesses. Vertex oversees the entire construction process so that your organization experiences no operational and financial setbacks with the following steps.

  • On-Site Supervision ensures the work meets the highest quality standards, and is completed on time.
  • Team Coordination makes certain construction crews are kept abreast of all procedures.
  • Trade Coordination that maintains a quality work environment for everyone involved.
  • Weekly Progress Reporting keeps stake holders aware of construction progression.
  • Value Engineering guarantees the process reflects your company goals and quality standards.
  • Payment Schedule Approvals handle the disbursement of allotted funds.
  • Change Order Management takes care of new directions taken during the construction process.
  • Change Management Process (Live Network) assesses the need for updated construction methods during the project.
  • Owner Purchased Equipment Coordination and Delivery oversees the safe arrival of all the needed materials for successful completion.
  • Site Safety cuts down insurance costs and provides a stable working environment for all crew members.
  • Functional Testing assures that the finished milestones meet code and fulfill their purpose.
  • Building Commissioning Assistance helps you verify the original requirements set forth by various stakeholders.

Post Construction Phase

The post construction phase is paramount for the integrity of your new construction. Vertex performs a strict quality review that ensures lasting benefits with the following steps.  

  • Maintenance and Operations checks for any potential flaws in workmanship, and repairs any glitches before they have an effect.
  • Start-Up Assistance allows your business to experience new construction benefits faster.
  • Coordinate Record Drawings provide documents that help with future construction projects.
  • Coordinate Warranty Review establishes the long-term timeline for additional upgrades and improvements.

Learn how Vertex’s construction oversight services streamline the most overwhelming projects, and create lasting financial success.

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I like the challenge of services that we are providing to the customer.  This job is a good fit for my background and I truly enjoy working at Vertex. 

Ken Zimmerman, Owner's Representative