7 Telecom Services that Provide Lasting Solutions and Sustainable Growth

Vertex Innovations offers 7 core services that keep businesses ahead of new technology. Our telecom solutions provide businesses with more reliable connections, more productive employees, improved customer relations, less stress, and higher profits.

DAS Engineering

In an increasingly wireless environment, businesses thrive on all-access connection. With universal communication and connectivity, your industry experiences streamlined employee productivity, improved customer service, and increased safety protocol. Vertex Innovations designs and installs DAS networks that meet your specific objectives and sets the framework for continuing technological growth.


Companies seek out Vertex’s telecom consulting services to successfully implement project management, construction, oversight, and network integration. Our highly skilled experts save companies from lost revenue and costly disruptions that stall important business operations. The Vertex team assesses your goals and challenges, and guides your business to seamless and successful completion of any project.

Project Management

For most industries, ROI is the main objective of any project. Vertex Innovations designs, oversees, plans, and controls every facet of your project to ensure defined objectives and milestones are completed. We implement our project management services based on your organization’s unique goals to ensure financial gains and complete company objectives.

Construction Oversight

Vertex’s construction oversight services lead your company to successful completion from any stage in the project. As the gatekeepers for your construction project, our team communicates with stakeholders, manages all partners, and oversees time- and budget-sensitive completion with the most stringent quality standards. We work with the architect and general contractor, and hold ourselves personally accountable for your profit gains, ROI, and continuing sustainability.

Network Construction

With rapidly evolving technology, businesses constantly work to stay ahead of advancements. Vertex provides network construction services that eliminate recurring technological malfunctions that slow businesses down. We implement an innovative network construction that keeps organizational growth, financial gains, and overall business operations running during the installation process.

Network Integration

Vertex’s network integration services allow your business to stay functional during transitional periods–even during software upgrades and company mergers. We combine multi-vendor networks into a new environment without disrupting your customers’ service. In the end, our system migration ensures you stay in business and protect important customer data.

Telecom Engineering

We offer businesses telecom engineering services that include planning, design, and system optimization under a preset deadline. Vertex sends our personally vetted telecom specialists to your property, where the team creates a telecommunication network that allows fluid communication for customers and employees.

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Vertex Innovations does honest, quality work to come up with solutions for their customers."

Craig Morroni, Owner, Electric Equipment & Engineering